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Dear Parent,

The Black Rhino™ bow is the coveted youth bow, like the “Red Rider BB gun” in the Christmas Story movie. It is the bow they would tell Santa they want for Christmas and be proud of on any archery range. It is also a smart and easy investment for you!


All bows come complete with  bow string, nocking point, three aluminum matched arrows, arm guard, and bow sock..

There is an option to buy additional arrows matched to the bow purchased..

*Note:  Our liberal return policy allows for the exchange of incorrectly selected bows.


Handcrafted Quality
Black Rhino™ bows are made with hard maple as the core wood. Hard maple has been time proven as an outstanding bow wood. It also provides a nice contrast between the bow’s black fiberglass facing and backing. Nutmeg action wood was chosen for the riser and matching tip overlays. Action wood is made from multiple strips of dyed maple glued together to form a riser block. Because of the lamination process, the riser is extremely strong and stable. The wavy grain in the riser created by these multiple laminations is extremely attractive. All of these materials are assembled by hand, then glued, set in forms under pressure and cured under special oven, the rough shape is then handcrafted and turned to yield a handsome bow that will withstand hard use.

As a final touch the Black Rhino™ receives our quality brand logo, individual identification, and sealed with three coats of a high endurance finish, which will resist scratching and chipping. All Black Rhino™ bows are guaranteed for three years from date of purchase.

All bow models have a locator style handle for consistent grip, contributing to accurate shooting.  Attention to fade out construction is the same found in expensive high poundage custom bows giving a smooth transition from the limb to the riser.

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The arrow shelf of the Black Rhino™ is shaped in a radius, giving good feather clearance and arrow retention stability, so that the arrow will remain true in flight and is less apt to fall off the shelf when pulling string back. The plate is also relieved on both ends to give feather clearance. The junction of the shelf and plate is formed in a cove to add strength. A shelf rug is furnished with each bow (not shown in this picture).


To start, establish which is your youth’s dominant hand and eye to select a right or left-handed bow (dominant eye controls the aiming pattern). Each model is available for right or left hand shooters. A right-hand bow is held in the left-hand (arrow rest/shelf is on the left side of the bow) and the string is pulled with the right hand. This is reversed for a left-hand bow. We suggest a shooter match the bow to their dominant eye, not hand, for longterm accuracy.

Selecting the size of bow needed is determined by draw length – simply measure from chest to the tip of fingers, when both hands are slapped together in front of them.

The ages below are general guidelines. Remember archery is about skill not strength. If accuracy is the goal, you do not want a bow too hard to pull back! In addition to our return policy, we also offer a trade-in policy this offers the archer a way to trade in for the next size bow as they grow or advance. With the return of your original Black Rhino bow (in good condition and shootable),  you will receive $50 off the price of your next Black Rhino bow. Reconditioned bows are made available as part of our program bows for youth camps.


Black Rhino Bow Models

There is a shipping charge in addition to the bow price.

M-35 Tiger  


Designed for ages 2-5 years as an entry bow for the peewee archer. Measures just under 36 inches long, allowing 18″ draw length with 8-10 lbs pull weight.

M-48 Cub


Is suitable for ages 6-10 years, 48″ longbow allowing a longer draw length of 22″ and 15-18 lbs pull weight.

M-58 Scout


Suitable for growing youth, and ladies or adults wanting a 28″ draw longbow with only 24-27 lbs pull weight. A bow to last a lifetime. Not a squirrel safe anywhere!

Purchase additional arrows (anytime) – one dozen


Note: The bow models for youth are not toys, but a lethal piece of archery equipment that will propel an arrow capable of doing potential damage and should be used only with adult supervision. For those that will be new to archery, the archery experience can turn into a lifetime of fun and recreation. Our liability is limited to the original cost of the bow only.

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